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Queer the Lens Community Agreements

Anytime people gather as a group we form both a community and a culture. Within Queer the Lens, we seek a community and culture that is respectful, comfortable, open, curious, and kind.


All Queer the Lens Community slack participants must follow these agreements while interacting while in the Slack or will be removed from the community.

Our Community Agreements Are:

  • Be Curious, Open, and Respectful: call in, not out

  • Give the benefit of the doubt and ask questions

  • Confidentiality: don’t share something communicated in a private or safe space. Screenshots are not allowed in our community.

  • Avoid Jargon, Acronyms, and Industry language: use inclusive language that is accessible for people with varying inside knowledge

  • Speak from your own experience: Use statements about yourself, not generalizations

  • Challenge assumptions: start with your own.

  • Be aware of intent vs. impact: no matter the intention, you’re responsible for your impact

  • Our community is a safe space. Anyone choosing to harass, bully, or belittle any other slack member will be immediately removed from the community.

  • Everything in the Queer the Lens Community is **OFF THE RECORD**. Do not quote anyone directly without the original poster's permission.

  • Do not share in any way, even anonymously, any QTL Slack messages to people not on Slack.

  • Do not solicit other members of the QTL Slack.

Community Assumptions:

  • Inequality exists everywhere, even within queer spaces. 

  • We all live at intersections of privilege and oppression. We all benefit and are harmed by systematic oppression. 

  • We take responsibility for the privilege we are given and question and work to unlearn the prejudice we have been taught to have against others.

  • It is not useful to argue about which systems of oppression are worse.

  • Dismantling systems of oppression benefits everyone.

  • We believe each other’s experiences.

  • We must each demonstrate the deep openness, and willingness to learn and be vulnerable that we hope to see in the rest of the world.

Queer The Lens Slack Community Etiquette Guidelines

The Queer the Lens Slack Comunity is a place for LGBTQIA+ Creatives in the photo and vidoe industry to questions and build community. We'd like to share community guidelines to help make it a positive environment for everyone. 



  • Do join the relevant channels for you! We’ll be adding to our channels as our community grows- so keep an eye out for more opportunities to connect. 

  • Do share your wins! We love to celebrate together and want to hear when you've found success, and what it took to make it happen.

  • Do be kind, respectful, and helpful.

  • Do use the reply in thread feature (the icon next to the smiley face with a word cloud and a few lines in it) - it helps keep conversations organized (instead of replying as a new comment). 



  • Don't be afraid to ask questions! The community is filled with people with tons of experience in our industry and who are here to help. There's no such thing as a dumb question - just ask!

  • Don't reach out via DM with pitches to other creatives unless invited to by the recipient of the message. Our space is for community first and foremost!

  • Don't cross/post (repost the same question or request in multiple channels) - determine the most appropriate one for your topic, and post it there.

  • Don't post or promote your business (including events and articles) or reintroduce yourself more than once every two months. One total post, every 2 months, pertaining to sharing about your business - that's the max. But, there is not a limit on asking or answering questions. And sharing what you are learning in your business with the whole community is really helpful. 

By filling out the information below and clicking "I agree" you are agreeing that you have read and will follow the community agreements for the Queer the Lens slack community.
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