What Is
Queer the Lens?

Queer the Lens is a growing community of LGBTQIA+ creatives in photography and video, both on and off set.  Our mission is to empower this community by establishing an inclusive space where we can voice our needs, create connections, and share resources.


We want to do right by our community, so we created a quick 5-minute survey to learn more about what kind of support we need in order to succeed. We welcome any professional LGBTQIA+ creative working in photo/video, including photographers, producers, consultants, and crew. 

About the

Thank you for your interest in sharing your experience as an LGBTQIA+ person in the photo and/or video industries. The goal of this survey is to understand the needs of our community so we can help ensure folks are getting the support that they need to succeed.

Your personal information and answers will remain private and will not be shared for any reason. Data collected will be used to assess broad trends in the community and to learn what you need in order to thrive as a professional. We will share what we learn with the industry, from professional organizations to brands, and beyond to help cultivate a more inclusive industry.


You'll have the option to share your email if you are comfortable so that we can be in touch with you about the results of the survey and next steps.


Help get the word out and share the survey with your industry friends!

Meet the Co-Founders


Jemma Dilag


Photo Editor & Creative Consultant. Filipino-American, fine art photographer, self-published writer, and seasonal rollerblader. Bronx-native, currently based out of Philadelphia, PA. 


Amy Scott


Former New Jersey vegetable farmer turned advertising food and agriculture photographer. Passionate story-teller with lots of dad jokes. Queer the Lens is their brainchild. Has lived in 15 cities in 7 states and is currently based out of Houston, TX.


Kate Warren


Advertising lifestyle and editorial photographer focused on intimacy, identity, and memory. Native Vermonter currently based in New York, quilter, lover of turtlenecks. 

 If you identify as LGBTQIA+, work in photo/video and are interested in getting involved,  please reach out!

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